Some coffee ruminations….


So here I am, cuddled inside my blanket, randomly texting a friend how I wish I had someone to cuddle up and sleep. Also worrying what now should I write about? the #21DaysofMyPassion is indeed becoming a challenge everyday. What should I write? how should I write? or should I just get inside my blanket and sleep again!

Bravely I stumbled out of my blanket and decided to head to the kitchen to make some coffee, some caffeine intake might help me to get rid of my lethargy. While making the coffee I reminisced how when I initially moved to the Netherlands, the first coffee I had bought, I almost spit it out! Why might you ask? Well turned out unlike in India, where coffee by default is served with copious amounts of sugar, here in most parts of Western Europe, coffee is served without sugar. Add to it the alarming levels of being health conscious, people consume their coffee just like that. The more purists of the lot consume only espresso, twitching their noses at those ordering a cappuccino, or a latte or worse, a coffee shake!! My bestest buddy happens to belong to those lot, I remember him being scandalised when I told him how I had brewed some hot coffee with honey and cinnamon. According to him such permutations and combinations of coffee concoctions should be forever banished from the face of this earth!

But it has been a year now, and little by little, owing to severe money crunch on not being able to buy coffee always, and preferring to brew coffee the way I like it, I let go off the need for sugar. And then somewhat I understood my buddy’s remorse over the need to have coffee with sugar or anything else. Little by little I started appreciating the coffee for what it was and as it is, with no frills or any embellishments. I often like to mix the coffee with little water in my cup, beating it till it becomes a smooth liquid, and while beating a subtle aroma hits my nose. And that aroma, is an aphrodisiac to say the least. And when I pour hot milk over it, slowly filling the cup, the gentle froth rises, bubbling and swirling, and I can’t help but give it a whiff or two or more. And yes, all without sugar.

So yes, I have made my deal without sugar or some spice with my coffee. Needless to say, my buddy has been more than gloating and satisfied that he had always been right. Though I still have not transitioned to solely consuming espresso. Sometimes I do when I need to be hyperactive the whole day, but I always like to line up my coffee mugs, drink in them and sip from them. It just makes the whole coffee ritual a lot more fun, a lot more hearty and a lot more complete. ❤

On this grey, dull day

Yes, again the dull, duller, dullest of days

When the mind refuses to work

When work feels like such a toll

My body drags

My heart wanes

When your aroma kindles

Kindles the spirit in me

Kindles a desire in me

It’s enough to wake me up

Enough to rouse

Sitting, writing

Stealing glances at my favourite cup of coffee

Brimming with coffee

I smile and sigh

Coffee, you make my heart swell!


And maybe read this if someone has extra time in hand




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