She too wanted to be an astronaut!


I thought it was me talking when she said she had wanted to be an astronaut while she was in school!

I have always wondered how is it that sometimes you immediately click with someone. Once you start talking, the talking just continues. And this weekend when I visited Cologne with a bunch of friends, my talking couldn’t stop since I seemed to have found one long lost soul sister who was as tiny as me, knew all the crappy, cheesy, double entendre Bollywood songs and yes, wanted to be an astronaut just like I had wanted to!

While sitting and talking of what we like to eat, our ideal honeymoon and the books we had read and would like to read, I had to stop and ask her, WHO ARE YOU?? It seemed impossible I could have met someone so much like me. But this is not the first encounter I have had with someone so similar to me. While pursuing my masters in communication in Delhi, to my delight I found a friend who was as fascinated by the paranormal and all things ghostly and creepy like moi! One of our favourite ways to hang out was to amble around cemeteries in Delhi. Old, historical, mysterious, we found cemeteries extremely intriguing. We would love to hunt the oldest tombstone, or observe how the design of tombstones had changed over the years. I fondly call her my ‘ghost sister’. πŸ˜€

I remember distinctly how in ten minutes we had come up with a short film script. We were sitting in the first row in the class, thinking and talking of what could be our story. We were exchanging all the ghost stories we had read, the movies that we had seen, trying to wrack our brains to come up with something equally ghostly, equally exciting. And then it just happened, she started explaining a plausible scene and setting, I then added to it, and then she and then I, and before we knew it, in ten minutes we had our paranormal short story! Both of us then looked at each other and burst out laughing. Rarely do you come across someone with whom your thoughts are in complete sync with each other. You understand the unsaid, and join in the said.

Sometimes I have also discovered how one might discover a seamless understanding and sync when it comes to getting tasks done. While in my masters in communication, which was rigorous in training us in practical skills, we had to shoot images and videos day in and day out, and in the process often wanted to shoot our group members due to the stress and intensity! But amidst this compulsion and need to shoot, literally and otherwise, a certain friend and I discovered our working sensibilities complimented each other. We loved to work on projects together, and our favourite was editing. I do not know how many of you are aware what a task editing can be! Imagine the two hour movie you watched, ever wondered how it became a two hour movie? Hours and hours of shooting is done, then all the recorded videos are seen. And then from those unending hours of recordings, one has to decide which parts to take, what should be the order, how should it all be put together to make a cohesive whole. Now without the company and support of my friend, I would have probably been bald right now out of sheer frustration.

We both implicitly knew what parts were pertinent, which order would make sense. We would put two and two together, and even though we could not put it in words we would immediately know that either it is right or wrong. Without any questions or doubts we would change and modify, knowing the other person understands it, gets it, and importantly the establishment and reiteration of trust. To her I gave the title of ‘editor in crime’. πŸ˜€

After moving to Netherlands it has become more and more difficult to find someone with whom I do not have to think too much, with whom I can be crazy, with whom I can sing anytime I want, or even sing by myself, without fear of being labelled strange. Sometimes I am reminded of Bourdieu’s shared cultural and social capital. Perhaps something in our upbringing, the shared values and cultural ethos is why you immediately become comfortable with someone, feel as if you have known the person since times immemorial and are able to bare yourself completely. But perhaps it is just one of those mysteries of the world which cannot be fully resolved, perhaps there are forces beyond our understanding, but I do know one thing, when you do find someone like that, they are for life, and I try to hold onto them tight! and that rhymed!!

Image courtesy: Google images



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