When tricks, spells and miracles became real.


Short and sweet. That’s how this post is going to be, as I sit awkwardly in my bunk bed in the hostel in Cologne, simultaneaously trying to charge my phone and write this post.

The fantastic, the magical, the spells and everything mystical has always had me in raptures. And that’s exactly how I was yesterday night, enraptured by the beauty of the christmas markets in Cologne. It felt as if I had travelled back in midieval times, old wooden huts decorated with fairy lights, little knick knacks being sold, gingerbread and gluhwein to warm the cockles of your heart and even a wishing well!! I felt like a little child again, when I would be reading Enid Blyton’s the Wishing Chair or the Enchanted Forest, devouring all the magically conjured worlds. And here I was in Cologne, momentarily transported to a magical world, where fairies, gnomes and giants were indeed real and everything seems plausible. Now I am just waiting for my gallant prince to sweep me off my feet!!




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