A Kaleidoscope


I write this as I am barely able to keep my eyes open. But, a challenge is a challenge! this is the third day of the #21DaysofMyPassion, and also the day when I have had to get up in the wee hours in the morning since I am leaving for Cologne for the weekend and the bus leaves quite early! So courtesy my struggle to finish my thesis proposal last night and sleep deprivation, this post might be a bit less coherent, a little less comprehensible perhaps!!

In my experience one does not realise the wonders of travelling till one has lived in one of the Schengen areas! I didn’t realise how vast and expansive India is till I arrived in the Netherlands. Travelling from the northern most part of India to its southernmost will take days. And here in Europe travelling from the northernmost to the southernmost tips, I would have travelled across atleast 3-4 countries!  Travelling within the major metropolitan cities in India takes a minimum of a day even if you travel by the fastest train. But oh yes, you do have flights which do take less time, but only the major cities are connected by flights. And largely, for trains, buses and to some extent for buses, the tickets need to be reserved way in advance. We still have to decide holiday destinations months in advance so that we can reserve our travelling tickets. On the spot tickets or just a day after tickets are indeed available, but at a higher cost and even that is not a guarantee! So imagine my wonder and leap of joy when I discovered travelling within the Schengen area is a breeze, literally! I do not have to worry about reserving tickets and in just two hours I can be in another country. Heck, I remember booking a flight to Italy and it was even cheaper than the flight cost of travelling between two major cities in India. And with the euro as the common currency, I do not have to waste time on exchange rate calculations, especially since my mathematical skills are quite crude. So here I am writing this, trying to actually quickly write this before I get ready to leave for Cologne.

I have read much about the Christmas markets of Europe. They are supposed to hark back to the olden days, evocate the warmth and cozy feelings of a traditional family christmas dinner time. And I am terribly excited, since I have heard mostly good things about the Cologne. Medieval, modern and cobblestoned. Before every trip I can sense the excitement in my stomach, the same that I always felt in childhood when I wanted to explore. My sojourn to Europe has again livened the child in me, since with eyes wild open with wonder I try to see all, capture all, encapsulate all the kaleidoscopic sights and memories.

A Kaleidscope

Yes, remember those?

Fascinating us

Captivating the child

Or the child in us

Multi-hued and multi-faceted

Squares, stars, circles

Red, blue, green and mauve

Reminding and symbolising

The world around us.


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