“Respond to every call that excites your spirit.” ― Rumi

IMG_3445I remember during high school when my parents and I went for a trip to Darjeeling, a hill station in India. After a fun filled week when we returned home and my mother started to go over all the pictures I had clicked, she nearly choked and gave me a light slap on my back. But then she should have known!!

I think one grouch my mother has always had with me on our vacations is that instead of clicking ours and her pictures, I always end up clicking the so called mundane and everyday objects! 80% of the Darjeeling album comprised of big leaf, small leaf, a little stream there, a canopy of a tree or the wide expansive valleys. Since times immemorial, the one colour that has remained my favourite is green. Anything related to the nature, anything green, anything fertile has always attracted me. When I was around 4 years old, the place where we lived, there was a forest and a little stream nearby, where my father would often take me to. Little wonder that any place I happened to visit, I was always drawn to the small things, to the unbridled nature, perhaps a little flower that was growing in a corner, or just the shape of the sky when overcrowded with clouds.

Often when I am studying in my room, I look out and get enraptured by the clouds and the trees outside, the subtle play of the colours of the sky as the day wanes. Many times I have gone outside in the balcony in nothing but a thin t-shirt in the cold, because I could not resist capturing the silhouette of the trees against the backdrop of the sky. One of my cherished dreams is to buy a DSLR when I start earning. Though often I have felt that while photographing, it is what you see, and what you decide to include in the frame which is decisive in how the picture might turn out. But more than perfection, my rush to capture something is rather instrumental in somewhat satiating my fascination with nature, so later I can go through the pictures, salivate over the image, revel at its beauty.

A great advantage of living in the western part of Europe are the clear skies and clean air. Moreover, the unpredictable nature of the weather offers quite a cornucopia of fantastic sceneries and moments. I was overjoyed at spotting full two rainbows from my window a few weeks back. Many a times while cycling I have stopped to capture a sight in front of me. It is difficult to resist, and I am sure many cyclists behind me must have cursed me for abruptly stopping! And as I was going through my album today looking at the many sights I had captured, I decided to select a few for my blogpost. In all honesty I do not think a camera is ever able to capture the exact colours, the feeling or the wondrous essence of nature and its sights, but this little mosaic of photos of Rotterdam is perhaps an attempt to share with you all what catches my eye, and what enthrals me.




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