When some wine overflowed….


Two glasses of white wine in vineyard

When some wine overflowed….

There was some Barthes

And some wine

The wine was flowing

But just….

The apparition was real

Yes it was

We were talking

But just some words

And then you asked me

My favourite place

Haha I laughed, favourite place?

I then showed you its picture

The place where my father used to take me

Where unbridled I would explore the nooks and corners

Those secret staircases and terraces

The vast expanse and space

Unbidden you touched a chord within me

We then talked of our favourite plays

Our parents, our books, the poetry

And the second sex

Yes, Beauvoir’s second sex

How we meant to read it

Yet it never transpired

Always in the back of our minds

Is it not for most of the things?

Read, write, see and love?

So many things we conjure

So much we desire

Some love, some sex and some comfort?

This could be my most bold?

Is it the few puffs of weed that I smoked?

Or did the wine really overflow??



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