He said….


I asked….

Do you like getting wet in the rain?

Do you like walking in the rain?

No he said, sometimes he does

When the drops slowly roll over you

Caresses you gently….

Doesn’t your body tingle?

Does it not yearn?

Have you never watched the leaves?

Their initial shudders from the first raindrops

Then how they revel and rejoice?

No he said, maybe he had seen it before

When you try and gaze up at the sky

But you struggle to keep your eyes open

The rain sings to you to close them

To listen to the world around you

To listen to what your heart is telling you

Did you never try?

Try to capture the drops in your palms?

Or cup your hands to collect them?

When you slightly hitch up your skirt or fold your pants

Careful not to slip as you tiptoe

As your feet dance to the tunes of nature

Um….could be he said.

As a child, maybe he did?

One drop, two drops, three drops

When you gaze outside the window

Does it never overpower you?

The vision, the smell, the sounds

Did you never leave everything aside?

Quickly make your way out of home

In the park or on the roads

Got yourself drenched from head to toe

Few would have looked out

Wondering, laughing at the lone figure

Walking, dancing in the rain

But did you ever care?

I have never cared

Huh….dancing? I am not a child he said

The clouds were thundering outside

One, two and a million raindrops

Come he said, lets put away clothes before they get wet

Then let’s cook and watch TV he said

I am still a child I said

Come with me if you want

To walk and dance in the rain

I said….

Painting Title: Morning on the Seine in the Rain by Claude Monet

Images courtesy: Google images


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