I’m sitting in my room in Rotterdam, where I moved exactly a month ago to pursue my higher studies at the Erasmus University. It’s good now. But I recall two months back, when I had absolutely NO IDEA what was in store for me. You know that feeling of uncertainty, ‘that’ feeling which  constantly gnaws at you?? The irritating itch, and everyday you question, what NOW??

It was a particularly dull day, I was already walking like a zombie in my house, unable to get rid of the uncertainty itch. And then it started to rain. The clouds had already been hovering, and since it hardly rains in Delhi, I didn’t think much of it. But Delhi can take you by surprise quite often (yes, my home sweet home <3) . I usually love going out and getting wet in the rain, but that day I just didn’t feel like it. I was trying hard to complete the quiz of greek and roman mythology, an online program I took up in Coursera (it’s brilliant by the way, the website). The question was on Persephone, who’s the daughter of Zeus, is the harvest goddess and a queen of the underworld. She had been abducted by Hades, the king of the underworld, raped and then she became the queen of the underworld and was much revered.

Honestly, I was a bit baffled, raped? and then made the queen? I couldn’t get it. And then I tried to think what might have gone through her mind when she was abducted? It must have been so dark, she must have felt so helpless…..and I looked out my windows. It was raining and I felt helpless too. Struggling to express, to take it out, and before I knew it, I wrote the following…

I sit down,

Dawdling a pen

The yore beyond seems scary

If not a little bleak.


Like the rain belied clouds

Dark, grey, navy colours

Color my vision


I close my eyes

I see all dark

I open my eyes

All seems flat


Curling up,

Trying to stifle a tear or two

I try reading some riff and

Some raff

Yet all’s a naught


I stand up, walk out

It’s raining

The tears and raindrops merge

And I feel a slight shiver


Inside the shiver continues

I curl up again,

Fear, uncertainty, the tentacles

Tighten their grip


Is this how Persephone felt?

When she was dragged

Into the underworld?



I perk up…

Wasn’t she also the queen?

The majestic and the venerable…


She brought forth spring,

She brought life

And things all fertile


Hadn’t she risen

From the dark pits,

The dark pits of the underworld?

And stood tall?


Yes, she stood tall?

So what am I doing?

Curled up?

I have limbs,

I can stand up too.


I look outside,

The rain had stopped

And the shivering too.

I close my eyes,

Specks of light are dancing.


Like Persephone,

Who conquered death and life,

I finally stand up,

To conquer all.




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